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Introducing Enhanced Card Management Options in the Empire State Bank Mobile Banking App and New Debit Card Design.


We are excited to announce the introduction of enhanced debit card management options and digital wallet in the Empire State Bank Mobile Banking App. These new features provide you with greater control, convenience, and security in managing your debit cards right from your mobile device.

We understand the importance of convenience, security, and control when it comes to managing your financial resources. Our enhanced card management options in the Mobile Banking App reflect our commitment to providing you with a seamless and secure banking experience.


Using your Empire State Bank debit card just got better.

Our enhancements to the mobile app now provide you with greater control, convenience, and security in managing your debit cards right from your mobile device. With our Mobile Banking App's enhanced card management options, you can now enjoy the following benefits:


  • Card Lock/Unlock: Easily lock or unlock your cards with a simple tap, providing you with immediate control over card usage, especially in cases of suspected fraud or misplaced cards.
  • Transaction Limitations: Set specific transaction limits based on location, merchant, transaction type, or dollar amount, allowing you to customize and manage your card usage according to your preferences.
  • Mobile Wallet Integration: Seamlessly add your Empire State Bank debit cards to Apple Pay® and Google Pay™ and make convenient and secure mobile payments right from your fingertips. Allowing you to pay in-store without your physical debit card at places like grocery stores and gas stations. Easily add it in just a few taps.
  • Subscriptions and Card Storage: Gain visibility into subscriptions tied to your card and easily identify where your cards are stored online, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of your card-related activities.
  • Spending Insights: Access easy-to-read graphs that display your spending patterns, enabling you to make informed financial decisions and better manage your expenses.
  • Fraud Protection: Stay informed and receive timely alerts regarding your card activity, helping you quickly identify and report fraudulent transactions for immediate action.
  • Travel Plans and Card Activation: Effortlessly set up and manage your travel plans within the app, ensuring seamless card usage during your trips. Additionally, you can access your new card before receiving it in the mail and activate it once it arrives.

 ESB Business Card ESB Personal Card



But that's not all! We also have a fresh look and modern design for our debit cards. In addition to the enhanced card management options, we are thrilled to unveil the new look of our debit cards. With a modern and refreshed design, our new cards reflect our commitment to staying current and providing you with the best banking experience. We will be updating the physical cards in the near future, and we will keep you informed about the exact timeline for receiving your new card.

In the meantime, we invite you to explore and enjoy the enhanced debit card controls available in our Mobile Banking App. Simply log in to our app and navigate to "Cards" to access these features and start taking advantage of the enhanced control and security over your card usage.


Everything you love about your Empire State Bank debit, also in your digital wallet. 

When you add a card to your digital wallet, all the perks of your Empire State Bank debit are still available to you. Watch this video to learn about all the benefits of managing your cards.



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Ready to get started?

To experience these new features and add your Empire State Bank debit card to your device’s digital wallet, simply log in to our Mobile Banking App and navigate to "Cards" to get started. If you haven't yet downloaded our app, you can easily find it in your device's app store.


Get the ESB Mobile App for Personal and bank from anywhere.

Download on the Apple App Store  Get it on the Google Play Store


Get the ESB Mobile App for Business and bank from anywhere.

Download on the Apple App Store  Get it on the Google Play Store


As always, our team is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to reach out to your local Empire State Bank community banking center.

Thank you for being a valued customer of Empire State Bank. We are excited to bring you these new enhancements and look forward to serving you with our updated card management options and stylish new debit card design.


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