Business Loans

At Empire State Bank we have the personnel and experience to meet all your business financing needs. Our loan products are focused on giving your business the funds it needs to support growth and expansion while providing stability to your cash flow. Our representatives are knowledgeable about the local marketplace and take the time to understand your particular needs. Together you can select a product that fits your business needs. So, you’ll not only deal with someone who is familiar with the area, you’ll also receive prompt attention.

Ways We Can Help

SBA Loans

The SBA Program provides certain advantages over traditional loans such as less money down and longer amortization terms. Can be a great solution for small businesses that wish to fund start up and growth through equipment, plant and real estate purchases as well as provide additional working capital and more. 

Commercial Term Loans

Our competitive rates and product will assist the established business with the financing it needs to meet your goals.

Secured Lines of Credit

A secured line of credit will help an established business leverage its existing assets to provide the working capital it needs to fund recurring cash flow needs as well as growth.

Commercial Letters of Credit

An Empire Letter of Credit will assist your business in facilitating its business transactions where a letter of credit is required.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Empire State Bank’s commercial real estate program offers competitive products and rates to support your financing needs.

If you’d like to learn more, please call Empire State Bank at 866-646-0003. Or, simply speak with an Empire State Representative at Banking Center near you.

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