Apply for PPP loan forgiveness today!

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has launched a streamlined forgiveness application portal to allow businesses with Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans of $150,000 or less to apply for forgiveness directly through the SBA. Previously, business had to apply through Empire State Bank’s forgiveness portal to complete loan applications, which were then submitted to the SBA.

Borrowers that meet the requirements can log into the portal and request loan forgiveness directly from the SBA. This makes the process easier and more efficient for you to seek and receive forgiveness, freeing up more time that you can devote to the future of your businesses. In order to qualify for this method of loan forgiveness, your business must have received a PPP loan of $150,000 or less. Empire State Bank has opted-in to the SBA direct forgiveness program so you can access the portal to apply for your forgiveness. The SBA estimates that it will take approximately 5 minutes to complete the online application. This portal is available, and you can begin your application today. If your business received a loan greater that $150,000 then you must apply for forgiveness using the Empire State Bank forgiveness portal.

Choose the online application portal that applies to your business:

Once your forgiveness application has been submitted to the SBA, you are not required to make payments until the SBA has made a decision on your loan forgiveness amount.

If you choose not to submit your forgiveness application within 10 months after the end of your Covered Period, then you are required to start repaying the loan.

You can now login online to apply for PPP loan forgiveness through SBA direct. The online tool will guide you through all of the decisions and documentation necessary to maximize your PPP loan forgiveness. To begin, simply click the button below.

Help: You may run into questions along the way and the SBA has set up a PPP customer service team to answer questions and directly assist borrowers with their forgiveness applications.  Borrowers that need assistance or have questions should call (877) 552-2692, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. EST.

The team here at Empire State Bank is available to help and will continue to provide updates and new information as it becomes available. Any questions you have regarding your PPP loan, please email us at