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 Attorney Advantage Banking

At Empire State Bank, we have a reputation for doing things differently. We specialize in providing curated personal service, innovative financial solutions and the industry expertise necessary to ensure growth and success.


AttorneyADVANTAGE is a suite of financial banking solutions designed to meet every challenge, seize every opportunity and able to support a diverse range of legal firms. Expert counsel is at the core of our commitment to specialized banking for attorneys and law firms. Whether you are a large, multi-disciplinary firm or a smaller, specialty practice, Empire State Bank has over 15 years of expertise navigating the complexities of the legal landscape.


Empire State Bank’s AttorneyADVANTAGE raises the bar, providing experienced, knowledgeable bankers able to assist with financial strategies to maximize operations through our innovative banking products and services. With a banker who knows the demands of your practice, you will better positioned to take advantage of every opportunity.

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