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One Essential Page You Might Be Forgetting on Your Website – Privacy Policy


Required by Law

If purchasing your product or service requires customers to give you personally identifiable information, you are required to post a Privacy Policy on your website or make one available at your office or storefront. Personally identifiable information is the universal description of any information that can be used to identify, contact or locate an individual. It includes but isn’t limited to the following:

Protection From Liability

Small businesses have the most to lose from poor data practices. You can handle data in a way consistent with local laws and your internal policies, but if a customer interprets that as mishandling, you may face liability or at least an expensive and time-consuming
legal battle to fight the claim. A Privacy Policy explains your policies for handling information and distinguishes prohibited actions from allowed ones. Also, if a customer authorizes your procedures by accepting the Privacy Policy, they will not have a cause of action against you. Their acceptance authorizes your data practices and as long as you
continue as you stated in your Privacy Policy, you enjoy legal protection even if a customer suddenly decides they do not approve of how you handle their data.

Drafting Your Privacy Policy

Start with these provisions when drafting your complete Privacy Policy.

Drafting Tips

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